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February 2014
Isn't it Romantic to Win?

Sharing means caring.  Contestants were asked to share their romantic suggestions on on Facebook for the chance to win the following:

1001 Ways to Be Romantic Book, Gregory J.P. Godek
A Bed of Roses
Body Butter

The Contest has ended and the WINNER is:

Winner:  Denise C.

Thank you for your entries!

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Valentines Contest

September 2012
The FranBlass 'Who Do You Want to Be' Contest

Who do you want to be?

A Sexy Maid, A Naughty Lil' Schoolgirl or A Night Nurse?

The Contest has ended and the WINNER will be announced soon.

Thank you for your entries!

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Plus Size Costume

January 2012
The FranBlass 'Plus Size & Sexy Too!
Valentines Boudoir' Contest Winners

Winner:  Kerry C.
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
1st Prize - Boudoir Photo Shoot, Free Lingerie
More Info
Self-esteem to me is being in touch with your inner spirit.
That special part of you that magically shines through revealing
your beautiful soul both inside and out.  
It's being at one with your own self confidence and self acceptance.

We all come in many different shapes and sizes, self-esteem can never be measured by a number. The section we shop in at a department store or number on a scale does not reflect who we are.

It's how we carry ourselves, the smile on our faces and never letting anyone break our stride.   Being a bigger bolder woman simply
means there is more of me to love.  
I am big, bold and bodacious and am proud of it!!  Kerry Cross

Winner:  Lori L.
Pembrooke, Ontario, Canada
Facebook Prize
$50 FranBlass Gift Certificate, Free lingerie

As a plus size woman self-esteem comes from within and not from others. I learned that for me to be truly happy it meant that I needed to embrace my curviness and accentuate the beauty of having curves.

Once I learned to accept me for me, my self-esteem changed for the better. Today, my high self-esteem means I accept and love me and all my curves.  It means that I have the self-confidence to pursue my dreams and know that my size is not going to stop me from going after the things in life I want, need and desire. Good, healthy self-esteem is a gift that you can give to yourself for yourself.

Lori Lundy

Winner:  Stephanie W.
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Twitter Prize
$25 Gift Certificate, Free Lingerie
Self-esteem means to me that I value my time, know my self worth, and have the confidence to demonstrate responsibility and dedication to the things and people that matter in my life. 

It means taking pride in both my appearance as well as who I am as a person and realizing the wonderful things that I have
to offer others as well as myself.  

It means accepting that everyone including myself has faults but realizing the importance of focusing on the positives instead.  

It means having my cake and being able to eat it too!
Stephanie Wilding

....and remember Self Esteem is what you think about yourself .....
So Plus Size and Sexy too?  Yes, that is your reality!

October 2011

The FranBlass 'Who do you want to be' Contest has ended.

A big thank you to everyone that participated!

We had so much fun running this contest and reading your comments 

and expressions that we decided to give away more than we planned.

Additional entries were drawn from the Facebook Fans and Twitter followers.

... and the winners are....

1st Prize - Free Costume
Winner:  Melanie R.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Twitter Prize - Gift Certificate
Winner:  Mandy K.
Oshawa, Ontario
, Canada

Facebook Prize - Gift Certificate
 Kathleen P. L.
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Curvaceous beauties everywhere can enjoy 
sexy plus size costumes and plus size lingerie at FranBlass today!

Who Do You Want to Be?