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10 Ways to Say 'I Love You' Without Spending a Fortune!

February 14th is billed as the most romantic day of the year, but celebrating love doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Forget crowded restaurants and clichéd movies. Embrace your inner creative goddess, and you can say 'I love you' without breaking the bank! Here are some of our favorites…

1)     A Steamy Massage
Nothing says I love you like the intimacy of touch. A full-body rub down is one of the most generous gifts you can give your beloved this Valentine’s Day. Rub his cares away using Hot Caress, a sensual, edible oil that comes in 12 different flavors. You’ll score bonus points if you give the massage in our matching plus size Heart Pasties and skirt. You’re guaranteed a Happy Ending this Valentine’s Day!

2)     Sexy Music Montage
Nothing sets the mood for sweet lovin’ like a sexy playlist of his favorite ‘making love’ tunes. Create a sexy playlist for free at Grooveshark. Press play and let the fun begin. Want to turn it up a notch? A Bed of Roses isn’t just a Bon Jovi song- it’s also a kit to help you set the mood.
3)     Truth or Dare – the Adult Version

Remember the excitement of the childhood game Truth or Dare? This Valentine’s Day play a round or two and get to know your lover on a whole new level. Truth, reveals your inner most desires and secrets. Dare, makes them a reality. Need a little assistance coming up with hot topics? The Romantic Heart contains 100 erotic love and passion parchment suggestions. Let the games begin!

4)     A Strip Tease

Nothing is as sexy (or free) as self-confidence! Put your banging bod to work this Valentines Day. You can’t buy self-confidence in a store, but you can buy the right accessories! Slip into a Leather Hat or Patent Lace up Finger Gloves and Plus Size Lingerie, and let him watch as you take it all off!

5)     Cooking for Two

According to Freud’s dream analysis, the kitchen is a place where love is served. Forget an overcrowded, overpriced restaurant and cook a favorite meal together. Add a side of Body Butter for dessert!

6)     You Wash My Back and I’ll Wash Yours
Life is hectic, and sometimes you forget to stop and smell the roses. This Valentine’s Day run a bubble bath for two! Lather up and pamper him with a relaxing hair wash. It’s intimate and luxurious.
7)     Paint Your Piggies Pink
Now it’s your turn to be pampered. The best relationships are as playful as they are passionate. Slip into your sexiest lingerie, and give him a bottle of pink polish and access to your cute, little toes. You are sure to laugh as hard as you love.
8)     Give Art a Chance
You don’t have to re-enact the pottery wheel scene from Ghost, but working with your hands is pretty sensual. With just a minimal amount of planning and cost you can buy craft materials to make your own naughty valentines, or paint an abstract scene on a canvas. Let the wine and creativity flow. You can even end the evening with a little body art!
9)     Take a Stroll
Take a stroll downtown, holding hands the entire time and pausing to window shop. The cold evening air is an aphrodisiac. Pop into a local restaurant and order something to go to avoid lines and long waits, then go home and get warm!
10)    Read Poetry
I’ll be honest, most men aren’t into poetry. But I guarantee you can find the right poetry to stimulate his interest. Google erotic poetry for ideas, and let the party begin!

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