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Spring Clean Your Closet

It's March!

Can you believe that two months have flown by?

Spring is here and it’s time to update your closet.  Yes spring cleaning includes your closet and your plus size clothes do not need to be the same article in different colours, or just black. Some of your basic pieces will most likely be black but ensure you pair it with some colour so you don’t look so dreary. 

Try on each piece and create a:  KEEP, FIX, GIVE AWAY pile.
What to Keep:

The basics

Every woman should have proper fitting undergarments that accent your curves and smooth out your lines.  Your full figure bras, plus size panties and shapers should have elasticity and be able to hold everything in place.  If these pieces are looking worn, it’s time to purchase new ones to replace those old worn out ones.
Little Black Dress
Hopefully you have one of these in your closet.
The little back dress should be a go-to piece so you want it to be well made, classic and wearable day or night.  The fashion world is taking notice and are ramping up the plus size dress styles.  If you don't have a little black dress in your closet, it won't be as hard as it use to be to locate one.
Sexy Wrap Dress
This should be a figure flattering piece where the diagonal part accents the waist to show off your curves.  If you tie your wrap on the left side, make sure the split sits between the middle of your left thigh to around your left side.  If it does not, it may be time to pick up a new one and give this one away.  Plus Size Wrap dresses tend to really fit women with fuller figures well so ensure you have one or two in your closets.
Black Blazer
Ensure your blazer fits you properly and works with your shape.  Whether it’s a single button or double brested, avoid styles that look dated or too trendy.
White ​Button Down Shirt
Your white shirt should be one that flatters your top half which you are always comfortable wearing.  You should be able to wear it tucked in or out and it should be versatile to wear under sweaters, jackets, suits or dress.  Check to make sure the buttons lay flat and are not stretched out.  You may want to keep a couple of these shirts in different styles and materials to make your outfit dressier or to keep it casual.  If it needs pressing, make sure it’s pressed for a smooth finish or for clean crisp lines.
Black Dress Pants (Trousers)
This basic piece should be at the heel height you most commonly wear so that you get the most wear out of it.  A flat front pant made in a great quality like a light weight wool will compliment your other basic pieces.
Knee Length Black Skirt or Pencil Skirt
Whether it be an a-line or a pencie skirt, it should make you feel slim and beautiful.  The length should be just below the knee but if you opt for a longer skirt, it should be less wide so that it will lengthen your look.
Classic Trench Coat
The classic trench you choose to keep should fit you in the shoulders and arms.  Decide if you want a belt to cinch in your waist or a double breasted one that flares out a bit.  If you wear a lot of long dresses or pants, you should opt for a shorter trench but if you generally wear skirts, make sure the length of the coat covers the length of the skirt.
Quality Blue Jeans – Dark Wash
Make sure your favorite pair of jeans is not worn out.  It should be as your dress pants, hemmed at the heel height you most commonly wear.  Choose a straight or bootleg cut which should compliment your body type and show off your best features.  You should feel sexy and comfortable in your jeans.
Black Pumps
Whether wedged or thick heeled, your pumps should give you at least a little height and should fit right.  A comfortable pair of pumps should last you all day without giving you tired achy feet.  If you wear wider width shoes, the selections are better than ever.
Cardigan Sweater
Your cardigan should be versatile either buttoned up if it’s a little chilly or wrapped around your shoulder if it’s too warm.  This said it should be a full sleeve cardigan when buttoned up and the buttons should lay flat.  Just because you wear plus size clothing does not mean your should wear an oversized sweater.  No!  Your sweater should be close fitting (not tight) without bunching up the shirt or blouse that you wear underneath it.
Short Sleeved T-Shirt
T-shirts wear out quickly so make sure the ones you decide to keep are in good shape.  It should not be too tight or too baggy and shows the right amount of arm that you are comfortable with.
Long Sleeve Shirt
Similar to the short sleeved t-shirt, it should skim your curves without clinging to them.  You should be able to wear this on it’s own or underneath other pieces so make sure the fabric is not too thick or thin.
Check to ensure your pieces have:
  • Buttons where they should be
  • Hems are proper and not falling out
  • Hemlines are at the right length
  • The right elasticity where required
Whatever you decide to keep, make sure it fits well, is classy, figure-flattering, and timeless.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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