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Hosiery and a Little History

Hosiery is a collective term for garments that are worn on the legs and feet.

This includes:
- Leggings
- Tights
- Socks
- Pantyhose
- Stockings
- Thigh Highs etc.

We are happy to report that FranBlass is now providing plus size hosiery such as thigh highs, plus size pantyhose and plus size tights in various sizes and colors in the following sizes:  1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, 7X, and 8X.

Brief History
The first references to hosiery are found in Hesiod’s works with the Romans, who covered the lower parts of their bodies using strips of cloth or leather. Certain Egyptian tombs have socks and thus, their involvement with its early development can also be speculated. In order to achieve a tight fit in these garments, binding was used the older versions.

What is Denier?
Denier is basically opacity or a measurement of weight per unit in linear materials.  You will see that hosiery with a lower denier is sheer while those with a higher denier are more opaque and you can’t see through them.  Low denier measurements are 5 – 15 and ultra-sheer hose material falls under this. High denier measurements of 40 and above allow almost no light to pass through them.

There are different fabrics used for hosiery and they can be natural or synthetic.  The type of material used depends entirely on the kind of garment that is being made. Here are a few examples of the materials used.

Cotton - This material is usually used for making leggings and tights. This material is used because of the heat resistance of the fabric and also, its softness. Cotton provides insulation from dropping temperatures and even in cooler temperatures, it does not overheat. It is durable, easy to clean and can be easily dyed to give many different patterns and styles.

Wool - It is mostly used for making socks but leggings and tights can also be made from wool. Similar to cotton, wool is warm and provides enough insulation. It is soft and because feet are prone to sweating, wool can be perfect because of its ability to control sweating. It dries quickly as well, which is not the case with cotton.

Nylon - Thigh high stockings and pantyhose are made from nylon. In fact, pantyhose are often called “Nylons”. The fabric is sheer and extremely thin. Although it does provide some warmth, it is perfect for fashion purposes. As compared to natural fibers, nylon dries quickly and is not abrasive at all.

Polyester - Dress socks are made from polyester. The fabric dries fast and is pretty thin. It also can be dyed to match any outfit.

Elastic - This is usually blended with other materials to give them stretchiness and fit them to the form. Sock ankles have elastic and pantyhose and the waist of tights incorporate elastic as well. Elastic wears out at a fairly high rate so I fit is used, it is not always long lasting.

Types of Hosiery

Pantyhose – This starts from the toes and extends up to the waist (using an elastic band) giving full coverage.

Thigh Highs – Thigh highs start from the toes and extend to the tops of the thighs (using elastic bands). These come in two pieces for each leg.

Knee Highs – These start from the toes and extend up to the knees (using elastic bands). The material varies from sheer to wool.

Tights – Tights are opaque and come in stretchy fabrics in bright colors, and can be worn on a standalone basis, unlike pantyhose. They start from toes and end at the waist.

Stockings – They use a suspender and garter belts to hold them up. Unlike thigh highs, they don’t come with an elastic band.

Sizing – Leggings are sized like normal pants. Ample is the term referred to plus size thigh highs, plus size pantyhose and plus size tights. Apart from that, there is small, medium and large. If you are looking for plus size hosiery, it is best to check the size guide of the store you are purchasing from before you decide to buy.

Mantyhose – Pantyhose or tights for men is often refefrred to as Mantyhose and it was introduced by L’eggs, a US company. Football players, campers, hunters, horseback riders and soldiers tend to need Mantyhose most often. European men and Romans wore them long before the modern world discovered it. 

Many men report positive benefits when wearing hosiery. 
Athletes advice that they perform better, those who are on their feet a lot feel added support and they report that their leg muscles feel energized.  Most importantly those who need some support but not necessarily true compression type stockings say that it does help their circulation.

Hosiery is perfect for enhancing the appearance of legs, no matter what the occasion. Its purpose is not just limited to fashion but it is also important for daily use.

FranBlass plus size lingerie ensures that shoppers have a variety of plus size hosiery styles to choose from.  Shipping is from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Ontario, Canada.  Contact us for more detials via phone: 416-234-1771 or email:

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