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Valentines Day Lingerie Ideas

Valentine's day is here!  If you are looking forward to the day/night, whether you are staying in or going out for the evening, here are some valentine lingerie ideas to spice things up.

Sexy Night In
If your first thought is to spend the night in, you're not a alone. You have lots of options. New to lingerie? You may want to play it safe and opt for something sweet and cute. Baby dolls are a great choice.  

You can select one that:

Shows off cleavage, like this trendy imperial purple and black babydoll with added sparkly sequins or one that Covers you up more like this white babydoll which has a higher neckline.  You can also add a robe like the 3 piece baby doll peignoir set that provides full coverage if you prefer something more demure.

             Shows off Cleavage                                          Covers You Up                                       Full Coverage
Plus Size Lingerie Babydoll, Coquette 1079            

Our babydolls are available fun prints like floral – a hot trend for 2013, leopard print and also in many types of fabric like the chiffon dream girl baby doll.
Coquette Plus Size Babydoll, 1973    Chiffon Dreamgirl Babydoll, 6218X

Of course if you want to sexify this cute look, you can get it in satin or lace and select one with a flyaway shape similar to this glamourous champagne number below with lace overlay.

Want something a little more fitted?

Why not try a chemise or teddy because that look is definitely more sexy and flirty. To keep in with the sexy and flirty theme, choose a sexy color like a bright red or others bright colours.

Trends for these pieces are lots of sequins bringing glitz and glamour to these sexy looks.  If you don't like bright colours, black is always a classic. Check out the halter chemise in a bright red or the sexy little black teddy.

Want something you can feel sexy in all day and take you into the night?

Try a lace over Lycra bra and panty or g string set. You can complete the look with a matching high waisted garter. He will definitely be pleased when he finds you in a set like this after a long hard days work. 

...but I'm so self conscious

If you are more self conscious and not ready to be so adventurous, pick up a long gown like this trend setting dusty rose set where you can also add a robe or a satin cami and pant set.
Night on the town
If you or your significant other has planned a night out on the town, dress it up. Lingerie is not only for the bedroom now. Make those expensive prices work for you. You can layer up your lingerie like a bra and panty set under a corset. 
When selecting a corset, you want it to be something you can wear in public. Leather, pleather, satin, lace overlay or prints like are recommended unless you have a personality that can handle the vinyl or wet look.
You can pair any one of these corsets with jeans, dresspants or skirt to go out on the town and also wear them in the bedroom later.


Reuse any of these corsets for your own 50 shades in the bedroom as well.


Whether you opt to go strapless or with straps ensure that it is comfortable and that you're not adjusting your corset every few minutes. Also it's suggested that the corset is fully laced up or only has a small opening in the lace up area. If they have wide openings save them for just the bedroom.

Sometimes these sexy corsets and plus size lingerie piece may cost a bit more but because all these pieces can also be worn in and outside the bedroom, they make a good investment piece.

Your own Fifty Shades
Now if you have invested in similar pieces to the above, especially if it is leather vinyl or wetlook, it's very easy to make them your own fifty shades pieces.
Regardless if you are the dominatrix or the submissive, dressing up in these fabrics puts you in the mood. Definitely pair them with a sexy skirt or just wear the corset with a g-string or panty and top of the look with accessories like a riding crop, tasseled whip or handcuffs.
The caged chemise is a perfect starter outfit for a submissive unless you're feeling a little but more daring and will slip into this vinyl skirt for a spanking...shhh

If you're not into dom and sub role play, pick up something with easy access.  Pieces with zippers, Peekaboos, or something stringy or rips easily like body stockings are a good choice.


Feeling kinda shy with the peekaboo, check out the convertible peekaboo that is coming soon to FranBlass, or a more subtle peekaboo below. The convertible peekaboo allows you to cover up with it’s adjustable breast covers as well as lift them to for a full peekaboo chemise.

If you are new to role play and would like someone to tame, put a small script together and pick up a costume like a nurse or maid and tend to your significant other. Whether it be easy access with zippers and buttons or a sexy outfit, he is sure to enjoy.
So come valentines night, however you want to dress, we hope that you have fun and feel great in your own skin. If you want to make him work, ensure your ensemble has you laced up, has clasps or lots of hooks. Layer your look and have him work through each layer.

Remember he loves you for you, but enticing him with lingerie in or out of the bedroom makes it all more fun.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
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