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Buying Your First Steel-Boned Plus Size Corset?  Here's What to Look For!

If you are looking to buy a plus size corset or waist cincher, congratulations! You will not regret it. In fact, once you buy one, you’ll likely be hooked for life. 

Corsets have seen a massive resurgence in the last decade, and this has led to a lot of different kinds. Unfortunately it has also led to a lot of disinformation regarding both buying and wearing them.  If you have some solid information before you start shopping, it is a good thing. 

Why Wear a Steel Boned Corset?

One of the first things that people generally want to know is why wearing corsets is such a great thing. Well, if you buy a quality one – meaning that it is made of good materials and fits you properly, such as a plus size steel boned corset – you will not only look amazing, but you will feel great. 

Corsets are a fantastic way to support your back and maintain good posture in a comfortable way, and you can also benefit from waist training. Too often when people think of waist training they picture the few women who train their waists to be extremely skinny, to the point where it obviously doesn’t look naturally-occurring. But you can use a corset or waist cincher to gently shape your belly and hips, and if you wear them almost every day, your body will maintain a lovely hourglass shape even when you aren’t wearing it. 

Types of Corsets

It is very important to discuss the different types of corsets before we go any further! This will give you a better idea of what you want, and what to look for. 

The first thing you need to know is that not all corsets are created equal. “Corset” is often used as a kind of catch-all term for anything that looks kind of like a supportive garment. 

There are corsets that are foundation garments – which are meant to be worn under your regular clothes. This kind helps you support and shape your body nicely, and have become favorites for wearing under wedding dresses and to fancy occasions, but there are also plenty of people who wear them daily. 

Another kind is the fashion corset. Fashion corsets are great if you’re just looking for some fun plus size lingerie to wear for enjoyment in the bedroom or even to go out on the town.  Generally this is the type that you want to avoid if you want a corset that will truly support your curves.  These types of corsets are made to look pretty and satisfy a hungry market that want to wear something cute. They usually have plastic boning, sport plastic zippers more often than not, and if they have ties they are for decorative purposes only.  If you are truly looking for a corset that supports your curves, these cheaper, super cute corsets will do the trick in the bedroom so they definitely have their place.  If you are using them for any other application, a fashion corset will leave you disappointed.

Finally there are corsets that are made of all the right materials, but are made to be worn as outerwear. More and more of these are being produced every year, and the plus size corset market is growing, which is good news for the voluptuous ladies!

Cost and Materials

You always want to look into what corsets are made of before you buy, but one quick way to rule out the cheaper plastic-boned corsets is to check the price tag. If it says ‘steel boned’ and costs less than $50, you might need to keep walking. Sometimes you can find good quality steel boned corsets at a low price, but it is rare because the materials alone generally cost more not to mention the associated labour costs.

In fact, it is hard to find a great steel boned corset without paying for the quality materials. But the other side is that when you buy the right corsets, they will last for many years, and you will love to wear them because they will fit right and feel great.

The boning is one of the most important aspects – you always want to buy steel boning – no exceptions. But don’t stop there, you have to look at the rest of the. Find ones that are covered in quality fabrics, and that use metal eyes for the tie, metal fasteners in the front, or metal zippers. 

How Should a Steel Boned Corset Fit?

It really is tragic that there are so many photos of professional models and celebrities coming out that have them wearing ill-fitting corsets. When you try on corsets, the first thing is to make sure you have it on right. Make sure it is right-side-up (sometimes you need to double check) and that you don’t have it too high or low on your torso. 

Then make sure there are no gaps once it is laced up. If there is any room between you and the corset, such as at the hips or under your arms, it is the wrong size. While corsets are wonderful at making you look slimmer, it is very important that curvy ladies purchasing a plus size steel boned corset buys the correct size. If you buy one that is too small, it will never look or feel good. Buy the right size and you’ll look and feel fabulous.

Start Shopping!

Whether you are looking for foundation garments, or something to rock as outerwear, you can’t go wrong with a steel boned corset or waist cincher. These garments are amazing, and if you find the right one, you’ll enjoy it for years.  
Check out various plus size lingerie sections in online stores to see what they have to offer but be sure to see if they mention steel boned.  If not, the corset is likely a fashion corset made of plastic or a bustier.  Remember, these all have their place but if you are looking to reduce your waistline, genuine steel boned corsets will do the trick and you can achieve anywhere from a 2 inch to 4 inch reduction in your waist.
FranBlass offers various types of corsets and bustiers to satisfy the discriminating shopper.  They will be adding plus size steel boned corsets very soon. 


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