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February is International Boost Your Self Esteem Month

Self esteem is not about how you look or what you wear but it's what you think about yourself internally.

If you’re a confident plus size women, you may be the few among us. Most women in general need to work at increasing their self esteem and confidence.  
Being a large woman sure can be a challenge - and it’s hard work. Especially at this time of year, you probably set some goals last month and it didn’t go as planned and your self esteem may be a little low.

In February 2012, FranBlass hosted a contest where a boudoir photo shoot was the grand prize.  One lucky person who posted a statement about their feelings on self esteem as a plus sized woman would be declared the winner.  The prize included a boudoir photo shoot and free plus size lingerie.

We had amazing entries from ladies in the size 1X to 8X range.  Some had great self esteem and others wanted to work on theirs.  We also received tear jerking entries from men who wrote about their wonderful partners.  It was a pleasure to read.  

The panel decided on Kerry as the winner because not only did they enjoy her entry but it fit into all the criteria required for the contest.

Here is a Boudoir Photo of our
Contest Winner Kerry C. and her winning statement
Photo by Katie Refling of How to Look Good Naked

“Self-esteem to me is being in touch with your inner spirit. That special part of you that magically shines through revealing your beautiful soul both inside and out. It's being at one with your own self confidence and self acceptance.

We all come in many different shapes and sizes, self-esteem can never be measured by a number. The section we shop in at a department store or number on a scale does not reflect who we are.  It's how we carry ourselves, the smile on our faces and never letting anyone break our stride. Being a bigger bolder woman simply means there is more of me to love. I am big, bold and bodacious and am proud of it!! :)”

Well the big day for the photo shoot has come and gone but we wanted to touch upon it for International Boost Your Self Esteem month.  

Our contest winner was brave and got in front of the camera. She had a great time and beautiful pictures were taken.

Kerry C. shared this with us:

It was amazingggg!! :D I think all women dream of that moment when you feel beautiful and there is an instant glow that just shines from within. Having someone doing your make up and hair.. feeling so pampered and so special.

When you feel that good about yourself, so confident and energized. It's like stepping outside yourself, suddenly you aren't shy and just totally comfortable with everything about yourself. Free of flaw or any imperfections you feel ready to take on the world. I would recommend any woman to have a photo shoot done!
Once again, I cannot thank you enough for the experience you have given me FranBlass :D It was better than I had ever imagined!!!!

Visit Katie Refilng today for your photoshoot.

If you can't afford a professional boudoir photo shoot - make one up yourself.

Get a camera, if you’re by yourself make sure you pick up a tripod as well.
Plan your photoshoot – look through fashion magazines for ideas.

Do your hair and your make up.

Pick up some plus size clothing.

Spice things up with some FranBlass plus size lingerie and do your own boudoir shoot.

Practice Posing
Find a look that you want and practice in front of a mirror. It should be of you laughing or looking away from the camera or looking directly at the camera.

Plan Your Background or Back Drop – if using a white backdrop cloth, you need to pose about a meter away from it. If you have some satin sheets, or lots of pillows they will come in handy and you can incorporate it into your background or use as props. Make sure lighting is bright or add extra lighting. You don’t want to wash yourself out with the light but you also don’t want to take dark pictures or you will have some work to touch them up and make them brighter.

Do you hair and make up – now that you have an idea of what you would like your hair and make up to look like, try to recreate the look. If you want to, go ahead and give yourself a pampering day, go to the salon to get it done - you deserve it. If you are limited on funds, you can do it yourself and use YouTube for 'how to' tips.
Lights, camera, action - if you have a trusted friend that is good with a camera see if they will take some of the pictures, otherwise use the tripod and set the timer.
Remember, have fun!

Want More?  Here are a few samples of Katie's work. 


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