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Time to get Romantic but be sure to Get Proper Rest!!

Getting a good nights rest plays a very important role in the health and well being of any individual. Without the proper rest, our bodies would begin to experience minor symptoms that what would closely resemble a cold or flu. Headaches, nausea, fatigue and dizziness are just a few of the, more common, symptoms that appear as a result of a lack of sleep. When our bodies experience a sudden decrease in the amount of sleep it is used to getting, it's normal reaction will be to want to shut down. But this doesn't just apply to our bodies.

Lack of sleep can cause our thinking processes to want to shut down as well. Reaction time can be affected causing serious problems for individuals that drive vehicles or operate heavy machinery. The affects of not getting enough sleep are far greater than most realize and the myth that one can catch up on lost sleep is just that; a myth. The body can never catch up on sleep. Once sleep has been deprived, the damage has been done.

That's not to say that an individual who has experienced a lack of sleep won't find themselves sleeping a greater amount of time for the next couple of days. In fact, that is more than likely, exactly, what will happen. The body is attempting to recover from the previous sleep deprivation by compensating through extra sleep. The body can recover, through extra sleep, but can't catch up on any of the sleep lost.

Sleep is extremely important to one's health and the beds we sleep on can make a great difference in just how soundly we sleep. Really, this is a matter of personal preference. Some like a more firm bed while others enjoy a softer feeling bed. Utilizing the right mattress will guarantee anyone a deeper, more satisfying sleep. Another thing to remember is that a good night's sleep doesn't require an extremely long sleep. Time doesn't make much of a difference when it comes to a good sleep.

Some of the best rest is achieved during what is referred to as a power nap. A power nap can occur in as quickly as 30-60 minutes on the right bed and a really deep power nap can be more beneficial then an 8 hour restless sleep. It's when our bodies enter this deeper rest that the benefits of resting our bodies occur and remember, a rested body is a happy body.

But there are other benefits to having a bed with the proper mattress. While romance isn't primarily achieved in the bedroom, a romantic night will, in many cases, end in the bedroom. This is another reason for having a bed with the proper mattress. An uncomfortable lover is a lover that will, inevitably, be rushed, cutting what could have been an extremely romantic night very short.

The right mattress can do wonders for the physical side of anyone's relationship. A comfortable bed can encourage a couple to experiment with new and exciting areas of romance. Things such as fulfilling one's fantasy or role playing, which might have never been a possibility, can become a reality by simply providing the right conditions. The right bed can even transform the average individual into a sensuous lover. You see, the possibilities are endless when one keeps a bed with the perfect mattress handy in the bedroom.

Picking out a bed with the perfect mattress can be magical but the magic will never happen unless you actually go out and purchase the mattress. Get yourself a great bed and begin experiencing all of the benefits that come with creating conditions that produce not only a good nights sleep but a much better relationship with that special someone in your life today!

Eleanor Laing writes about fashion and issues affecting full figured women for FranBlass Plus Size Lingerie

Eleanor shares photos of some Gorgeous Beds below

Enignum Canopy Bed

This bed was designed by Joseph Walsh, a self taught designer of exclusive designs. 

According to Joseph's website, the concept behind this bed was to 'create a space, a cocooned feeling of protection and enclosure'.

Although the bed may look small, it is actually a queen size bed - big enough for two to romance the night away.

Float Bed

David Trubridge is also a self taught furniture maker who sold everything he had and he, his wife and two sons travelled the Caribbean for five years. 

You can see where he probably got his inspiration for this bed. 

"Sleep is…romantic…nomadic…the journey of life "
- David Trubridge – Designer

Unfortunately for us, this bed was a concept bed and a limited edition piece.  It is therefore no longer available but we sure can dream.....

Casa de Paz

This is a king size bed that hangs in the Ojai Secret Garden Suite at the Casa de Paz rental property. 

It is a floating bed that sways so you can imagine the comforting feeling created with a nights’ rest in this bed.

Taylor’s Master Suite

Located in Porto, Portugal where many wine shippers call home, The Yeatman Hotel includes many features from the local vineyards. 

This four poster barrel bed is in a fabulous master suite and is definitely the center of attraction with stairs on either side of the bed to access the ‘vat.  

Lomme Bed

Not only is Lomme a gorgeous work of art, but according to their site, “it uses light, sound and massage therapies in an environment that does nothing but enhance all the senses – forming a place to rejuvenate, meditate and above all sleep.”

Setting this bed up beside the water allows one to feel a sense of serenity... aghh, what I would give to be there now.

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